Concrete and gravel are literally the raw materials upon which a modern town or city is built. From the foundation of your home to the layers of roadbed neatly graded below freshly paved asphalt city streets, refined rock products are a staple of our community infrastructure.

Digging foundations and pouring concrete is in the Dueck family blood. Based in Creston, Marc Dueck and his brother Carl own Sullivan Stone, a full-service ready-mix plant and aggregate supplier. Working in a farming community like Creston, the Duecks take on a wide variety of projects in both urban and rural settings.

In the beginning, Marc operated an excavating business and Carl had a concrete construction company, but eventually the brothers were ready to expand their businesses. Marc says, “I was going to do a small-scale gravel pit when a local operator offered us the opportunity to take over his concrete business instead.” The Duecks worked with the owner to purchase the business and Sullivan Stone was born.

Marc admits, though, that the financing end of things needed to be better organized.

“We had invested quite a bit of money out of our own pockets as upgrades were needed at the time of purchase.”

“We set up a wash plant, bought a crusher and upgraded our fleet of concrete trucks,” he says. Working with the Trust, the Duecks restructured the financing for Sullivan Stone to allow more direct control and some additional flexibility for their business operations.

Now the concrete plant has received extensive environmental upgrades and a computerized batching system. These leading-edge technologies have helped the brother greatly improve quality control and strengthen their overall business.