A vibrant park, an active wonderland

A major expansion at the Golden freeride park is transforming the park block into a space that is open, accessible and used by a full spectrum of people.

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Golden expands a popular spot

“Bikers can go there, scooters can go there, rollerbladers can go there, skateboarders can go there. It’s such an inclusive space.” Jessie Oatway can’t say enough good things when it comes to describing the Whitetooth Skate Park. “It’s incredible.”

The park nearly tripled in size over the past year thanks to a major expansion. As a Board member of the Golden Skateboard Association, which oversaw the project, Oatway is thrilled with the results. “The park is so busy,” he says. “It’s awesome.”

Built in 2005, the original park was aimed at more confident users and could only safely accommodate one person at a time. “We really wanted to create more lines and a more multi-use space,” Oatway says. Now, beginners have room to learn, while advanced users can tackle trickier challenges.

The expansion—supported by the Trust, additional funders and a whole lot of local fundraising—was accomplished through a partnership with the Town of Golden. The Town owns the land, which is on the same block as many other recreation assets, such as the Mount 7 Rec Plex, tennis courts, an outdoor basketball court and a pump track—several of which have also received Trust support over the years.

“The freeride park expansion is really transforming this park block into a space that is open, accessible and used by a full spectrum of people,” says Jordan Petrovics, the Town’s Director of Recreation Services. “Activities that are free, that are outside, that are active, that aren’t formally structured—they encourage people to get out, be active and be social.”

The Trust supports recreation projects with the overall goal of promoting healthy, active lifestyles. This provides benefits to physical and mental well-being—plus a good dose of old-fashioned fun.

Golden’s freeride park is an excellent example of this support. “When school gets out,” Petrovics says, “there are well over 70 kids out there just rippin’ around and enjoying it.”

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