Long-term Benefits to Ecosystems

Large, multi-year projects focus on the environment.

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Large, multi-year projects focus on the environment

The Columbia Basin offers spectacular landscapes that are important to humans and critical to the flora and fauna that live in them. Ecosystem resilience is a priority of people in the Basin, and therefore the Trust. Since 2017, with Trust support, a range of groups have implemented large-scale, long-term, on-the-ground projects to maintain and improve ecological health and native biodiversity in a variety of ecosystems (like in the Bonanza Biodiversity Corridor).

Click here for a summary of the projects to date.

The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada is restoring and enhancing whitebark pine habitat.

“This five-year project is the largest and most ambitious recovery project to date outside of the national parks.”

Randy Moody, President, Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada and The Nature Trust of BC are restoring and enhancing the Wycliffe Conservation Complex.

“Species at risk and the whole health of the grassland ecosystem will benefit immensely.”

Richard Klafki, Director, Canadian Rockies Program, Nature Conservancy of Canada

yaqan nuɁkiy is undertaking two projects to revitalize wetland, stream and riparian habitats.

“This is a unique opportunity to restore an altered landscape to its former condition.”

NasuɁkin Jason Louie, yaqan nuɁkiy

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