Finding Community and Confidence

Youth from around the Basin may have a lot in common, from favourite video games, to shared hobbies, to wanting to see the same changes in their communities. They’ve also told the Trust they’d like to…

Life on the Range

“The health of the land is so critical to our lives here.” Karen Barraclough owns the B-E Ranch in Skookumchuk. She and her husband Doug took over management of the family ranch from her father in…

Keeping Wild Things Wild

Wildlife like cougars and bears are impressive, and usually spend their time doing their own things and going their own ways. But add an unexpected human, or possible temptations like unsecured garbage or fruit trees, and…

A Safe Space

“You don’t need an appointment. Just drop in for a coffee or tea and a chat,” says Linley McLean, Executive Director of the Golden Women’s Resource Centre. Located in downtown Golden, the centre offers a safe…

Hope Takes Flight

In her 70s, Margaret discovered she had breast cancer and a large mass in her pelvis. To get the tumour removed, she needed surgery in Vancouver—a long, expensive trip from her home in Salmo. She turned…

A Brighter Future for Families

How can businesses be better employers to parents, especially ones with children who have extra needs? How can funders support programs and projects that will impact children in important ways? How can city council members and…

Community Connections on Ice

“We were small. We had a dozen kids from families that made up our fewer than 50 members. We were what you would call a mom and pop club.” Darren Tamelin was part of one of…

Nocturnal Art and Wonder

“There are so many amazing artists in Revelstoke and we have such great community spirit here; we decided we could do something that the whole community could be a part of that shines a light on…

People, Land and Paddles

The Columbia River is beautiful and impressive—and important for many cultural, ecological and economic reasons. In August 2018, 16 youth launched on an 11-day journey down the river to understand this waterway and its values. Through…

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