The Columbia River Treaty, signed in 1964 between Canada and the United States, resulted in the creation of four treaty dams: Hugh Keenleyside, Duncan and Mica in southeastern British Columbia, and Libby in Montana. The dams created the Arrow Lakes, Duncan, Kinbasket and Koocanusa reservoirs, which displaced 2,300 Basin residents.

Twelve Basin Stories videos explore the lives of Basin residents before, during and after the construction of the Columbia River Treaty dams. Hear the experiences and perspectives of people of all walks of life, including displaced residents, dam workers, First Nations people, elected officials, historians and former BC Hydro employees. View historical photos that touch upon everything from building the dams, to agricultural life, to the arrival of electricity.

A Region Formed

Agricultural Life

Shifting Ecosystems


The Promise of Electricity

Building of the CRT Dams

Moving Lives – Part 1

Moving Lives – Part 2

Moving Lives – Part 3

Moving Lives – First Nations

Flooding and the Wild River

Economy and Commerce

Look how far we've come together (2015-2024)


affordable housing rental units created

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student jobs created

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families accessed healthy food through the nutrition coupon program

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km extended for a high-speed broadband network improving access for 18,400 households

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arts, culture and heritage projects

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km of trails developed, enhanced, maintained

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in new business loans

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new childcare spaces created

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existing childcare spaces improved

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community events, festivals, conferences, and community celebrations sponsored each year

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businesses accessed advisory services

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indoor and outdoor facilities built or upgraded

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for 81 wildfire risk management and public education programs

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hectares of terrestrial habitat improved

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hectares of aquatic habitat improved

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kilowatt hours saved annually from retrofit projects

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