Cam, Scott and Shawn Robertson are brothers who, early in their 20 years of business partnership, learned to work through their differences and align themselves toward a common goal. The Taghum Stop full-service gas station, liquor agency and convenience store, 10 kilometres west of Nelson, is a testimonial to that healthy relationship.

The brothers took over the business in 1996 and made some improvements over time, but were unable to secure financing for the extensive improvements they wanted to do. From 2002 to 2012, the brothers self-financed their projects and progress was slow.That changed in February 2012 when the Robertsons contacted the Trust.

Financing for the next step of their vision quickly came together, and the project was completed in just three months. With further financing from the Trust, the brothers began the design consultation and other steps that would make their long-term plan a reality.

The complete knock-down and rebuild of the service station and store began in October 2016 and was finished in May 2017. In order to continue to serve the small community, the store was temporarily moved to a building across the street during the construction, but locals had to travel at least 20 minutes down the highway to buy gas or propane.

“We were able to keep the eight to 10 staff employed and maintain our presence in the community,” Cam says. “When we reopened we needed all of our staff and can always use more.”

There was a lot of joy in Taghum the week the service station reopened. “People were really happy to have the service back and to see us achieve what we’d been talking about for years and years,” Cam says.

“The three of us shared a moment in the office at the end of that day, and there were hugs and a tear or two of joy there as well.”

Taghum Stop before and after