Matt says hiring an apprentice has multiple benefits for his business.

Freightliner of Cranbrook is a full-service parts, sales and service dealership for commercial trucks. Service Manager Matt Johnson recently hired apprentice Cameron Brown with support from our Apprentice Wage Subsidy program, which helps businesses hire first-level apprentices in 17 trades.

“This is a long-term investment for both the business and students,” he says. “As hiring an apprentice adds a valuable employee now, plus helps train the skilled workers of the future.”

As a student of heavy duty mechanics at College of the Rockies, Cameron appreciates the fact he can work close to his home in Kimberley, especially compared to the commute he used to do to work in Alberta. “Having this job in Cranbrook is a much better life,” he says. It will also help him reach his goal of becoming a journeyman mechanic.

“Daily, I am learning and improving.”

If you’d like to hire an apprentice, apply now! View the guide and download the application form.