Kids are getting active and getting support to lead healthy lifestyles through the Trust’s Basin PLAYS (Physical Literacy and Youth Sport) initiative. Here are some of the activities:


In Ymir, the community noticed youth wanting to play more court sports outside—but that meant many were playing in the streets. A new multipurpose court gives them a safer place to play sports like basketball and volleyball, right next to the skatepark.


There was mud, leaping, crawling and laughter. At Rossland Summit School, leadership students designed and built a mud obstacle course. Other students then eagerly started training to tackle it, getting fit so they could use their strength, endurance and physical literacy skills to conquer the challenging route.


Before, the Cranbrook Lacrosse Association was bringing in referees from elsewhere. Now, it has trained and certified 10 referees of its own, giving local youth the opportunity to play the sport at various levels. In total, 67 training grants have helped groups throughout the Basin accredit coaches and officials.