The Radium Library tackles big ideas.

The Radium Library is growing by leaps and bounds. Not only did it increase its space by 80 per cent when it moved into the new Radium Hot Springs Centre last year, but its circulation has grown to 3,165 books, a 75 per cent increase over 2016.

The library’s Board has also been working on big ideas. It participated in the Trust’s Non-profit Advisors Program, which helps non-profit organizations increase capacity, become more sustainable and become more efficient. With the program’s help, the members have tackled important background processes, including strategic planning and fundraising—issues that challenge many small, volunteer boards.

“We are very small,” says Jane Thurgood Sagal, Board Chair. “Any help we can get to be stronger as a Board is an opportunity for us. The Non-profit Advisors Program provides that opportunity to get stronger and smarter.”

The program’s initial assessment provided the library Board members with practical direction, and then some financial support to follow up on the priorities they’d identified.

“Because of our participation in the program, we are now engaging in solid governance practices. Working with our advisor and consultants allowed us to map out five years of work—as a Board, it is a gift to receive focused direction! We now have a road map for our future.”

To help non-profit organizations like the Radium Library build their knowledge and capacity, the Trust is hosting a series workshops this fall in several communities across the Basin. To find out about workshop dates and details and to learn more about the Trust’s Non-Profit Advisors Program visit