“There are so many amazing artists in Revelstoke and we have such great community spirit here; we decided we could do something that the whole community could be a part of that shines a light on our arts scene.”

This is Jana Thompson, Executive Director of the Revelstoke Chamber and one of the main organizers behind LUNA, Revelstoke’s annual celebration of the arts – at night – in September.

Started in 2017 by the Chamber, Revelstoke Arts Council, Revelstoke Visual Arts Society and Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre, LUNA drew 3,000 people in its first year and doubled its attendance in 2018 with over 6,000 taking part this past September.

From 6 p.m. to midnight, participants wander through a transformed downtown Revelstoke. You might see a play in an alley, view an art exhibit in a storefront or meet up with roving musicians or dancers as you make your way between festival installations.

“We wanted to take the everyday – the street you walk down each day, the alcove you pass by and never notice – and make the ordinary into something fantastic,” says Thompson.

But of all the amazing 39 art and performances pieces that made up LUNA this year, Thompson says the most thrilling thing is the level of community collaboration and support the event generates.

“The reason why this event has been so successful out of the gate is community collaboration,” says Thompson. “Businesses, artists, educators, volunteers, residents – everyone comes together, young and old, and celebrates our community. LUNA is to let people know that everyone can make art, everyone can contribute and collaborate.”

This all-inclusive vibe is one of the reasons the Trust supports events like these, which boost quality of life in the region, reflect community priorities and attract visitors. The Trust also knows how important a dynamic arts and culture scene is to Basin residents—and what better way to illuminate local talent and creativity than to light them up at night.

Photos: Aaron Orlando